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Block 1: A Solution to Some of our Money Problems

Money First, Bitcoin Second

We have whiteboard animation videos for every block in Course 1: An Introduction to Money and Bitcoin.  

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget about what truly matters. Money and financial security are vital aspects of our lives. This section of our course is all about understanding the challenges of managing money and saving for the future.


Join us in this journey to explore why understanding the basics of finance is crucial before diving into the world of Bitcoin and crypto.

Benefits of Saving for the Future


Have you ever thought about why we work so hard? The answer is simple: to secure our future. Saving for the future means you can:

  • Enjoy your retirement without financial worries

  • Visit those dream destinations you've always longed for

  • Share memorable moments and provide for your family

Money's Decreasing Value

Many of us keep our hard-earned money in bank accounts. While it's convenient, the value of this money decreases over time. This is where the concept of "Purchasing Power" comes into play.


We explain why most money loses its value and how scarce assets like gold, Bitcoin, and property retain or increase in value.

Challenges in Homeownership

Owning a home provides security and a sense of accomplishment. However, getting a mortgage has become more challenging due to:

  • Rising costs of living

  • Faster increases in housing prices compared to wages

  • The unattractiveness of saving (thanks to low interest rates)


These challenges make homeownership seem out of reach for many, and we'll explore why.

Meeting Basic Needs

Money is at the core of everything we do, including:

  • Getting to work

  • Eating a healthy diet

  • Maintaining personal health

As prices rise, it forces us to make trade-offs that can affect our well-being. Discover how increasing costs lead to compromises in our everyday lives.

Well-being & Mental Health

Our well-being and mental health are deeply impacted by our financial struggles. Fear about the unpredictability of our future can take a significant toll.


This section delves into how money problems affect our overall mental health and why it's crucial to address these issues.

A Positive Solution

Rhys and Chris are optimists. They believe that technology has the power to transform our financial well-being. This course is designed to provide a solution to the problems we've explored, including housing, living, health, and saving money.


By joining us on this journey, you can access a brighter financial future for yourself.

Are you ready to learn about Bitcoin in a simple way? Join us for the full course and learn the basics in just 10 minutes! Start your journey now.

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