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Course 1: An Introduction to Money and Bitcoin

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🚀 Dive into the World of Bitcoin and Money! 🪙 Welcome aboard! 🌟 Start a journey that turns complex concepts into child's play - our Course 1: Introduction to Bitcoin and Money. Other "beginner" courses might leave you scratching your head, but not us. In just 100 minutes, you'll conquer the most captivating crash course in cryptocurrency out there! Here's what to expect: 🔹 10 blocks, each a quick 10-minute dose of knowledge. 🔹 Keep track of your progress with the handy completion bar on the top left. 🔹 Expand your view with the screen-adjustment arrows on the top right. 🔹 Quiz completed? Unlock the next block and keep the momentum going! 🔹 Finish the course, earn your whale badge, and join our community to share your insights. Are you ready to supercharge your understanding of Bitcoin and money? 🌐 Get started now!

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