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123Cryptos Are Off to Miami Again! Here's 3 Findings from Bitcoin 2022

Updated: May 24, 2023

At 123Cryptos, we're dedicated to boosting Bitcoin adoption. We believe in the potential of Bitcoin and want to spread awareness about its impact on our lives. That's why we attend the largest Bitcoin conference in the industry, to immerse ourselves in the Bitcoin world and connect with key figures.

We're also spreading the word about our mission at 123Cryptos to educate crypto-curious individuals. AKA we are orange-pillers in disguise!

In preparation for the conference last year, we wrote a blog on what to expect and its history. Here's a quick recap:

  • The annual Bitcoin conference brings together 50,000 attendees in Miami and has been running since 2019, with stops in San Francisco and Miami

  • At the 2021 conference, it was announced that El Salvador would be the first nation to accept Bitcoin as legal tender. The conference had 7 stages and 500,000 sq. ft. of space. We can confirm that it was massive!

Bitcoin 2022 Conference in Miami

We attended the 2022 Miami conference with excitement, listening to key figures like Michael Saylor, Adam Back, Natalie Brunell, and more. Our research from the conference showed us three things:

Bitcoin 2022 #1: A Growing Ecosystem

Bitcoin 2022 #2: Big Names Back Bitcoin

Bitcoin 2022 #3: The Need for 123Cryptos!

Picture at the Bitcoin Conference in Miami
Rhys & Chris next to the Bitcoin Bull!


Bitcoin 2022 #1: A Growing Ecosystem

To say that Satoshi Nakamoto would be proud is an understatement. Over 50,000 Bitcoiners attended the conference to discuss all things Bitcoin.

Being there in person gave us the perspective that Bitcoin adoption will continue to grow. The panels were insightful, the philosophical conversations were inspiring, and the future of Bitcoin was discussed in a glamorous way.

The conference received significant media attention, both positive and negative. Bitcoin Magazine covered the events continuously and broadcasted them throughout the day on YouTube.

The atmosphere was buzzing with dozens of stands showcasing Bitcoin-related products and services, as well as interviews and Q&As, surrounded by the Bitcoin Magazine "studio". This experience was inspiring for 123Cryptos.

Bitcoin 2022 #2: Big Names Back Bitcoin

In our course, we highlight the growing list of influential figures who promote or own Bitcoin.

It's one thing to endorse Bitcoin, but it's another to attend the biggest industry conference and explain to over 50,000 people the significance of Bitcoin.

A non-exhaustive list of prominent individuals who spoke about the importance of Bitcoin includes:

  • Michael Saylor

  • President Nayib Bukele

  • Serena Williams

  • Eric Weinstein

  • Jordan Peterson

  • Aaron Rodgers

  • Peter Thiel

  • Andrew Yang

It's evident that Bitcoin is gaining support from more successful individuals, although no one person is more important than another. To sum up, it cannot be denied that Bitcoin's growing list of advocates is impressive!

Bitcoin 2022 #3: The Need for 123Cryptos!

Saving the best for last!

We arrived at the conference with 123Cryptos already in the works. It was a learning experience as well as a fun one. We were pleased with what we saw, as we recognised the need for a beginner-friendly Bitcoin education platform.

Many conversations at the conference emphasised the importance of simple education for improving adoption.

From our initial research, we knew that the industry lacked a straightforward platform that would encourage beginners to learn about important aspects of Bitcoin, such as its history, ownership, and difference from cryptocurrency.

In conclusion, we left the conference with high hopes of becoming the platform that attracts the crypto curious and teaches them about the beauty of Bitcoin.

We are thrilled to return to Miami for Bitcoin 2023! Our course needs to be shared. With a 100-minute completion time, no complicated jargon, and 10-minute blocks, we're confident that beginners can learn about Bitcoin, money, technology, and crypto in a simple way.

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