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Confused by Crypto? See How We Made It Beginner-Friendly!

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Change can be daunting. It's that flutter in your stomach on the first day of a new job, the nerves before relocating to a new city, or the breath you hold before making a life-altering decision. These moments, thick with the weight of uncertainty, can sometimes make us put off the inevitable, challenging changes.

It's with us humans to cautiously edge into the unknown, just as our ancestors did when facing uncharted lands.

In this piece, I share my personal resistance to change. I want to rewind to 2018, the year I decided to explore the then-uncharted waters of cryptocurrency—a decision documented by a single, telling photograph.

The Fear of the New

Our lives are a story of instances that push us beyond our comfort zones. Consider the hesitancy before your first dive into the deep end of the pool or the heartbeat-skipping seconds before presenting a major idea to a room of your peers.

Yet, as history shows, change is embraced and becomes second nature over time, much like our ancestors who successfully adapted to new environments and challenges.

Take the internet, for example. The older generations initially met it with scepticism, some outright rejecting it. Fast forward a few decades, and today, the internet is an integral part of their lives.

These are the moments that define growth, but they're also moments of profound vulnerability. It's in these experiences that our hesitancy speaks the loudest, often holding us back from potential opportunities.

Now, imagine approaching a concept that's not only new but is also full of technical jargon, media frenzy, and wildly circulating rumours. The world of cryptocurrency has become known as a "digital Wild West" that's as intimidating as it is fascinating.

For each tale of overnight fortunes, there's a story of dramatic losses, fraud, and turbulence. The fine line between seizing opportunity and falling prey to risk is hair-thin. Yet, every four years, a new wave of adventurers gathers—ready to dive in, eager to learn.

A Personal Account: Navigating Crypto as a Beginner

Chris, in his first year at university, holds his ID next to a handwritten 'BINANCE' sign, the epitome of beginner's hesitancy in the crypto space
Chris signing up with Binance back in 2018

That's me in the snapshot—ready to take the plunge. But why share this? It's not just about showing you a picture; it's about showing you a moment in time that many of you may recognise in yourselves.

Rhys and I launched 123Cryptos to provide the beginner-friendly Bitcoin and crypto education we wish we had. We remember what it's like to be novices, and we've crafted our platform to cut through the complexity and jargon.

We remember what it was like to be complete beginners

The picture above shows me in my university room and captures the essence of a newcomer's anxiety perfectly. Look at my face. I look hesitant, confused and unsure. What was I about to get myself into?

During the end of my first semester, a friend kept reminding me about this cryptocurrency thing that would only go up in price and he was making lots from it.

I was blissfully unaware we were in the eye of the raging bull market in 2017. Fast forward a few months and I finally get around to signing up, urged on by stories of unimaginable growth.

However, as the picture above illustrates, my expression, one of cautious scepticism, says it all. The truth is, despite my business studies and the financial talks with peers, I had no clear understanding of what cryptocurrency was or what signing up for Binance meant.

123Cryptos: The Comfortable Entrance for Newcomers

This moment of doubt isn't unique to my story. It's a sentiment echoed by countless individuals debating whether to join the crypto world, daunted yet intrigued. This shared hesitation is precisely where 123Cryptos intervenes—not just to instruct, but to reassure and enlighten.

Rhys and I didn't just witness the struggle; we lived it. Rhys, since 2013, and I, a fresh-faced university student, both grappled with the complexities of the crypto world. We know the stress of sifting through conflicting information, the pressure of making financial decisions as well and overriding emotions such as FOMO.

FOMO—Fear Of Missing Out—is a potent force driving the notorious crypto "bubbles." A lot of the time, new people will enter crypto because they simply can't listen to their friends or family tell them how much Bitcoin has gone up for another minute

This herd mentality can lead to rash, uneducated decisions. I was no different; after months of hearing about crypto's potential, I decided to join the bandwagon. Yet, as my 2018 expression reveals, I was filled with scepticism.

For what it's worth, I signed up but never bought anything. I remember looking at the screen and being confused with all these coins and not knowing how on earth to buy one or determine which was the best one to get.

I wasn't deeply affected by the FOMO and was able to ignore it, but that's not always the case for others. 6 years later, Bitcoin has survived and education has improved, which reinforces people's belief that this is something legitimate and not just a scam. So, the greater the legitimacy, the more likely people will FOMO in when the price starts to rise.

We want 123Cryptos to be there for the beginner when they seek both quick and simple education. We love Bitcoin and don't want people to avoid it just like I did back in 2018. But for people to jump in without making silly mistakes, they need education. We're here to solve this.

Our Mission

123Cryptos was born from these very struggles, from this universal feeling of being overwhelmed by the new. We've crafted a platform where understanding comes before investment, where learning is not a race, and where the history of money and the philosophy of Bitcoin are just as crucial as the technology itself.

We are firm believers in quality over quantity, which is why our courses are concise, clear, and comprehensive. In just 100 minutes, you'll learn the basics of Bitcoin, the history of money, and the foundational principles of cryptocurrency.

We want your learning experience with 123Cryptos to be as reassuring and informative as possible. My journey may have begun with reluctance, and Rhys may have braved the early days of crypto alone, but together, we aim to ensure no one else has to.


It's normal to feel hesitant when facing the new, especially something as intricate and evolving as cryptocurrency. But at 123Cryptos, you won't have to navigate the waters alone. Our courses are designed with your path in mind, turning the uncertainty of 'should I?' into the certainty of 'I understand why.'

If you're ready to embark on a beginner-friendly journey into Bitcoin, look no further. Explore our course plans and begin your journey with confidence.

If you want to learn more about Bitcoin in a beginner-friendly way, check out our course plans below!

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