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Lesson 1: Invest in Yourself - 123Cryptos

What does "Invest in Yourself" mean?

Welcome to the world of cryptocurrency, a place of exciting ups and downs that can feel a bit like a thrilling rollercoaster. If you're new here, crypto might come across as an exciting adventure that breaks the usual rules and offers the promise of quick riches.

If this resonates with you, know that you're not alone. We've all been there, captivated by the allure of overnight success. Our jargon-free course begins by reminding you not to be too hard on yourself – after all, curiosity and excitement are the catalysts that drive us forward.

But before you envision Lamborghinis or dive into the latest animal-themed coin craze, pause for a moment. Consider a more realistic path forward.

In the world of cryptocurrency, experience has taught us that perspective and knowledge reign supreme. This is where "Invest in Yourself" comes into play at 123Cryptos.

Our beginner-friendly educational resources hold the keys to understanding the nuances of this intricate world. We believe that this investment in your education will offer a far greater result in the long run than any alluring get-rich-quick scheme.

Why You Should Invest in Yourself, First

1. The Gap in Understanding

When you're new to Bitcoin, the language and choice of phrases can feel like a maze of perplexing terms.

Take my recent conversation with a family member as an example. They were hesitant about buying more BTC, fearing another price drop. A legitimate concern, especially when economics isn't their favourite topic.

The opposite is to continue holding their hard-earned money in the bank account. As I explained that keeping money in a bank account has meant losing 10% over time it definitely sparked a new perspective.

The volatility of Bitcoin often overshadows the hidden devaluation of traditional currency. While Bitcoin's value against fiat currencies fluctuates, the numbers in our bank accounts remain unchanging, masking the silent erosion of our money's worth.

2. Inflation: The Silent Eroder

"Inflation" is a term you've likely heard, but its impact isn't always clear. We feel and see the effects when prices rise around us.

But when the digits in our bank accounts seem fixed, it's easy to overlook the erosion of our purchasing power. Imagine if instead of prices rising, 10% of your money disappeared from your account in a year.

That would clearly be considered theft, a tough but glaring truth underscoring the importance of being informed.

3. Bitcoin's Misunderstood Risk

Bitcoin often earns the label of "risky," mainly due to its fluctuating value against fiat currencies like USD or GBP. In less than 5 years, we've seen Bitcoin rise to $69,000, plummet to $15,000, double to $30,000, and find a moment of respite.

This contrasts with the appearance of stability in a bank account. However, this stability masks the ongoing erosion of value that fiat currencies undergo. It's not Bitcoin that's risky; it's the inherent instability of traditional currency systems.

This is a difficult concept for beginners to understand. While Bitcoin's struggle during price drops is evident, rising inflation and purchasing power devaluation are less apparent. It seems like prices around us rise, but our currency stays constant, giving a false sense of winning.

Yet, it's not entirely true. The impact of holding money in a bank account during high inflation periods would be more profound if 10% of our money simply vanished.

Bitcoin helps solve this because it introduces an alternative that aligns with the very concept of "Invest in Yourself." Unlike fiat currencies susceptible to erosion, Bitcoin operates on a decentralised model. Its value isn't manipulated by a central authority, rendering it immune to the hidden devaluation that plagues traditional currency.

In essence, Bitcoin embodies the spirit of investing in oneself. It empowers you with the knowledge that your hard-earned money won't silently evaporate over time.

Bitcoin's value fluctuations might seem daunting, but they reflect the transparency that traditional systems lack.

Embracing Bitcoin means embracing a level of control and understanding that traditional finance can't offer.

Why 123Cryptos Wants You to Invest in Yourself

This is where our "Invest in Yourself" course takes centre stage. We've been exactly where you are – grappling with confusion and misconceptions. Our courses don't just explain; they digest and simplify.

We break down complex ideas into relatable concepts, helping you understand why your money's value is decreasing and how Bitcoin can be a solution.

The marriage of knowledge and perspective is pivotal in making informed financial decisions. Our course and the "Invest in Yourself" philosophy are a joint effort to equip you with the insights needed to navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency, savings, and financial well-being.

Our goal isn't to encourage investment in Bitcoin or fleeting trends. Rather, 123Cryptos wants to guide you towards a powerful first investment – an investment in yourself. As newcomers in this dynamic world, we firmly believe that this approach will set you on the right path.

If want to start learning, or know friends and family that need some beginner-friendly Bitcoin education, simply click the link below and get started today!


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