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Who Are We?

123Cryptos is a free way to learn about cryptocurrency.


Rhys and Chris are the builders of 123Cryptos. We have a shared passion for Bitcoin & education and wanted to express that in 123Cryptos.

Bitcoin always ends up at the centre of our conversations. Our enthusiasm for both Bitcoin and 123Cryptos led us to The Bitcoin Conference in 2022.

The conference only increased our desire to work within this exciting industry. But we also recognised the gap in the market for a solely beginner-focused course.


We don't feel it's helpful to use jargon and complicated phrases. Our goal is to help everyday people understand how technology changes money.

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Rhys King

I first got into crypto in 2013 as a newbie trader. I was making money on the side but it was Bitcoin that really made me stay. The way Bitcoin has the potential to change so many world issues is what makes me so excited and was the reason to build this website with Chris.

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Chris Colston

I started my crypto journey in 2020 after looking for new ways to invest. Bitcoin immediately stood out. I soon realised it was a lot bigger than just an investment. I came across Rhys and heard about his plans to build an educational website. It was my dream to work on a project like this.

Don’t Trust, Verify.

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