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Bitcoin Price

What is the Bitcoin price today?

6 things to know about a Bitcoin chart


Created in 2009, Bitcoin is the oldest, largest and most popular cryptocurrency. 


The amount of buying and selling of Bitcoin over a 24-hour period on specific exchanges.


The current price compared to the previous week, month or year.

Green = up, Red = down.

Market Cap

The total market value of Bitcoin.

Market Cap = Current Price x Circulating Supply.

All-Time High (ATH)

The Bitcoin ATH is £50,106.89. It shows a % of the current price versus the ATH price.

Transparent Volume

The volume of Bitcoin that's considered to be going through "high-quality" exchanges.

Why we love Bitcoin

Bitcoin gives all of humanity the opportunity to take total control and ownership of their money. Bitcoin is the most scarce asset in the world with a known fixed supply of 21 million. ​And above all, it has rules without any one person, government or country controlling it. 

We want beginners to learn about Bitcoin in a simple and straightforward way. Get started today:

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