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Course 2: How to Store Bitcoin Safely

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🛡️ Safeguard Your Bitcoin: How to Store Bitcoin Safely! 🏦 Welcome to the Self-Custody and Protection Course! 🚀 In this 123Cryptos adventure, we deep-dive into the world of Bitcoin and the crucial role of self-custody in shielding your digital treasures. Throughout this journey, we demystify essential topics in a beginner-friendly, jargon-free way. You'll walk away armed with the knowledge and tools needed to fortify your financial independence. Here's the scoop: 🔒 10 blocks, each brimming with 10 minutes of captivating content. 🔒 A total of 100 minutes dedicated to empowering your Bitcoin security. 🔒 Discover the art of self-custody, top-notch protection strategies, and future innovations in the field. By the course's end, you'll be well-versed in the art of self-custody and primed to navigate the dynamic world of Bitcoin with confidence. Are you ready to level up your Bitcoin security? Let's embark on this self-custody journey together!

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