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The Brains Behind 123Cryptos: A Sneak Peek into Our Founders' Crypto Journey

The world of Bitcoin and crypto can often feel like a maze, littered with technical complexities and daunting jargon. But at 123Cryptos, we're all about turning those cryptic passages into clear, navigable paths.

As we gear up to release our brand-new introduction video, we invite you to take an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse at the faces and forces behind 123Cryptos — Rhys and Chris.

AI image of two people in hoodies in a bitcoin room
The Crypto Founders Journey

Rhys (Crypto Founder 1): The Visionary Trailblazer's Journey

Meet Rhys, one of our founders and a seasoned entrepreneur whose crypto journey dates back to the early days of Bitcoin.

Rhys’s story isn't just about financial acumen; it's about resilience and innovation. From weathering the ever-evolving tides of the tech industry to leading companies to multimillion-pound success, Rhys has seen it all.

Rhys at a table on his laptop
Rhys at the video shoot

In our upcoming video, Rhys shares his personal encounters with Bitcoin's rise, the lessons learned along the way, and how his business foresight now fuels the educational ethos of 123Cryptos.

Chris (Crypto Founder 2): The Savvy Educator

Chris on his laptop
Chris at the video shoot

On the other side of the 123Cryptos coin is Chris, whose academic background in business provided a sturdy foundation for his entrance into the crypto world.

But, like many, Chris's initial steps were marked with hesitation and a barrage of questions. Check out the photo below!

Chris, in his first year at university, holds his ID next to a handwritten 'BINANCE' sign, the epitome of beginner's hesitancy in the crypto space
Chris signing up with Binance back in 2018

In the introduction video, Chris goes into the pivotal moments that shaped his understanding of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry.

From the first scary glance at a screen full of random coins to the gospel-like pages of 'The Bitcoin Standard,' Chris's narrative is one of growth, curiosity, and the pursuit of simplicity in education.

A Mission Born from Personal Experience

Two people on their laptops at a table
Rhys and Chris

123Cryptos was born from a desire to demystify the complexities of cryptocurrency for everyone — a mission deeply rooted in Rhys and Chris's own experiences. Our video doesn't just introduce you to our courses; it invites you to understand the passion and purpose that drive us.

Rhys and Chris don't merely teach; they share. They share not just their knowledge, but the ethos that learning about cryptocurrency can — and should — be as straightforward as having a conversation over coffee.

The Teaser to Your Crypto Journey

As we put the finishing touches on our introduction video, we're reminded of why we started this journey. It's more than just about providing courses; it's about building a community where anyone can step into the world of crypto feeling confident and informed.

Stay tuned for the full video reveal, where you'll hear our stories, learn about our approach to Bitcoin education, and, most importantly, see how 123Cryptos can be the key to unlocking your potential in the digital currency landscape.


We've done the legwork, the research, and the refinement — all so you can get started on your Bitcoin journey with clarity and confidence. Get ready to meet the team that makes crypto learning accessible and engaging.

Watch this space for the release, and in the meantime, why not revisit some of our foundational blogs, like "Confused by Crypto? See How We Made It Beginner-Friendly."

If you want to learn more about Bitcoin in a beginner-friendly way, check out our course plans below!

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