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Don’t Trust, Verify.

This is what the people that have learned with us had to say!

"It was one of the clearest descriptions I've read in terms of the pros and cons and its overall value or how that they may be determined."


Course Overview

123Cryptos is an education platform designed to simplify and encourage learning.

Bitcoin | Money | Technology | Crypto


We identified confusion & a lack of easy-to-understand information online as two key barriers to entry. So, we've made a truly easy course that makes other "beginner" courses seem difficult.

In just 100 minutes, you will have completed by far the most simple yet interesting crash course on cryptocurrency out there! 

We pride ourselves on being different. The beginner should never feel excluded to learn because something seems too difficult to understand. Crypto is no exception.


Start learning with Rhys & Chris today!

What you learn in 10 minutes


How money affects our livelihood

We open the course with an overview on money and the affect it has on our livelihood. We cover basic needs, saving, mental health & well-being, and more!


How technology is a force for good

We are both supportive of technology and believe it will change money for the better.


The beauty of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is fascinating yet it is often considered too complicated or labelled a scam. We address this in a simple way.


What the rest of cryptocurrency is

There is Bitcoin and there is the rest of "crypto". We look at its strengths and weaknesses, along with the overriding risks.

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